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Police Misconduct & Civil Rights Violations

Over the past several years, news reports have been filled with stories of police brutality, excessive force and suspect deaths at the hands of police. Police NYCThis type of serious police misconduct has been occurring for decades (as New Yorkers know), but has only become widely known thanks to videos taken by suspects and bystanders.

At Konta & Georges P.C., we are honored to represent individuals who have been victims of excessive force, civil rights violations and other forms of police misconduct. Our diverse experience in the criminal justice system makes us uniquely suited to take on these kinds of cases.

Our experience extends beyond being a highly regarded criminal defense firm. Our attorneys have also served as prosecutors, public defenders and lawyers for the city. One of our attorneys, Katherine Smith, used to defend the city against claims of law enforcement misconduct and abuse. All of us now draw on our experience to build stronger cases for those who have had their civil rights violated.

Have You Been A Victim Of Law Enforcement Misconduct?

Civil rights violations don't just occur during community encounters with police. We represent individuals who have been victims of:

  • Police Brutality
  • Excessive Force
  • Unjustifiable Police Shooting
  • Injuries Suffered while in Police Custody
  • Wrongful or False Arrest
  • Racial Profiling
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Police Perjury (lying under oath)
  • Withholding or Falsifying Evidence (Brady violations)
  • Unlawful Search and Seizure
  • Unlawful Detention
  • Inmate Abuse
  • Corrections Officer Assaults
  • Wrongful Death (during encounters with law enforcement or in custody)

Experienced Lawyers Willing To Fight For Our Clients

Pursuing justice in these types of cases means legally taking on the New York Police Department, individual officers, prosecutors and the city of New York. Naturally, many attorneys don't feel comfortable in such high-profile legal battles.

But at Konta & Georges P.C., we believe that institutions and people in positions of great power need to be held to account when they violate the civil rights of average citizens. We will not hesitate to fight for our clients, no matter who is on the other side of the courtroom.

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